Advertising Manager

PPC Advertising Manager

Get A PPC Manager & Expert!

Take the next step in building your team with an advertising manager to handle your digital marketing advertising.

We have decades of experience in managing Adwords, BingAds, Pinterest, Facebook, and Doubleclick as well as many other smaller and private ad systems. Our Advertising & PPC Managers can handle all the digital advertising needs of your organization.

Many Advertising & Sales Channels

We also develop and manage;

  • sales teams,
  • online affiliate programs,
  • 3rd-party agencies,
  • strategic partners,
  • and print (brochures, magazines).

Let us know what you would like to do!

Advertising Consultant

Get help in designing an advertising plan that works for your product, industry, and brand. An advertising consultant can provide direction, ideas, experience, and labor. They can manage the whole campaign or let you take over when you want. They are there to help you succeed in your advertising.

Suggested price: $499.00

Minimum price: $149.00

What type of advertising are you doing?

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About Maui Marketing

Our team of advertising professionals delivers top-notch results. They work hard within your budget requirements to provide value. We care about our customers, and we want them to succeed.

Sometimes, certain advertising systems simply donʻt work for a product or service. We work to identify and update plans, so you always maximize your returns.